I moved to Stockholm from Mexico City a little over a year now, to study Digital Business at Hyper Island. My curiosity lead me into wanting to learn more on what it is that individuals and organizations need to thrive in this digital era. 


During this time, I’ve played an active part in various companies’ journeys, be it by researching the state of their industries, mapping out trends, talking and working with users, developing strategies or facilitating workshops. It’s also been a journey into discovering my purpose and strengthening my self-leadership and self-awareness.


Previously, I was part of one of Mexico’s first digital agencies, where I had the opportunity to watch the industry mature, and have a direct effect on making the company grow. During my time as a digital strategist, I was responsible for more than 30 projects, working with more than 15 clients across various industries. This position allowed me to take part and oversee the process a brand/product went, from the brief and research; development and execution of creative concepts and strategy; launch of digital platforms; and measuring the impact and optimizing results.


Driven by the need of understanding organizations and their transformation at a deeper level, I planned, designed and launched a Consulting Area, in charge of reaching out to clients, and simultaneously build capacity and knowledge for the agency. This experience gave me a greater insight into how organizations need to develop in and out in order to keep up with the changing times.


Thus I'm living in Sweden, eager to learn more about these topics, work with like-minded people and find ways of collaborating to build projects with purpose and intention, putting the human at the center to achieve long-term sustainability, and ultimately create meaningful experiences and connections.