The challenge

ICA is going through a transformation that has lead them rethink the technology they are using and their ways of working, and to undergo a shift in their cultural principles in order to face new challenges. We were invited to work with the Digital Team to dig deeper into its current state and help them moving forward and embodying their new principles.

The journey

By being part of their journey through interviews, participating in meetings and working on-site, observing daily behaviors, rituals and communication, we mapped out underlying values and beliefs and how these translate into actions, studied leadership styles, gathered insights and mapped out areas of improvement.

The result

Framing the learnings within a cultural web allowed us to map out the areas of opportunity to be worked with, and together with the Culture Lead we framed the values and beliefs that are currently aligned with expected behaviour, as well as mapping out the ones that have to be worked through. Additionally, we designed and facilitated workshops with champions (highly engaged team members) and stakeholders, to create a strategic roadmap and first actions towards the desired culture.

Thank you. It has been a privilege to work with you. And to learn from you. I hope we cross paths in the not too distant future.
— Marvin Liljegren | Culture Lead