The challenge

Lavendla is Sweden’s leading digital funeral home, offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to chose from when planning a funeral. We were approached to help them understand better their end-user, to fulfill their needs in the best way possible, taking into consideration that the users' situation at the moment of purchase intent is a challenging one for an ecommerce-like working organization.

The journey

We started by gathering knowledge on the state of the industry, how funeral services work, challenges and opportunities. Then we interviewed the advisors at Lavendla, to get their point of view. Given the niche of the company, it was crucial to get the users perspective. We interviewed a couple of them and shadowed their journey through the website and purchase funnel, finding insights to better engage and empathize with them in such a sensitive situation.

The result

We mapped out both the advisor and user journey, mapping their online and offline touchpoints and painpoints, to spot areas of improvement. Based on our data, we developed a series of prototypes with suggestions to modify the conversion funnel and provided the client with a list of UX actions to improve the experience. Additionally, we shared some business opportunities based on our interviews and observations. 

The fact that you showed genuine interest in our service made me felt very safe regarding future delivery. For us, high involvement secure the fact that you will do whatever it takes to get good user insights.
— Jakob Nordström | Founder & CEO