The challenge

Phillips approached us at Hyper Island to help them design a service for an existing product with a circular design approach. This meant creating a solution where the product is part of a cycle that allows it to be used more efficiently, diminishing the impact of waste and new unit productions, while prolonging the life of the product; this means figuring out not only the experience for the user, but also the operation activities for the client.

The journey

During a 72-hour sprint we were first briefed on the product, to get an understanding of its uses as well as the way it is built. We then went through a series of time-constrainted activities, which included quick surveys to understand the knowledge of the product in the market, research and ideation sessions, development of concepts, presentation for feedback, and finishing with a prototype.

The result

We designed a service around the product, where users could lease it for a limited time at a low-entry price, and then return it when they were done. The operations team would give maintenance and refurbish the devices, reintroducing them into the market and increasing their life-span. For this to be as circular as possible, the current owners of the product could follow simple steps to bring their devices into the circular model, getting benefits for doing so. This would allow the solution to be not only actionable but also sustainable.