The challenge

Being an entrepreneur in this digital era is much more easier than we think. In order to walk the talk, we were challenged to develop and launch a business, from concept and MVP to product and marketing strategy, in just 11 days. Success would be measured either by engaging with users through a sign-up format or getting actual sales.

The journey

In a fast paced manner, we looked into popular culture to find trends and market opportunities we could tap into. The ideation and selection process was very agile, establishing clear constraints for what we expected the end solution to be: a product for users to make a statement, within a model where we only provided the creative concept; the operation had to be outsourced. Thus, SPLRS was born.

The result

SPLRS aimed to engage with users that were into pop culture, but wanted to make fun of the know-it-alls, through sweatshirts that displayed spoilers of ongoing tv series. After orders were placed and fulfilled, we quickly connected back to our customers and  followers on social media to get feedback on the product, aiming to iterate it according to the data we gathered. We supported our communication efforts through influencers, and worked on “classic spoilers” as part of the new offer, while adjusting the brand identity and creating original visual material to strengthen the brand’s storytelling. The rest is history.