The challenge

As a lot of tech companies, Spotify gathers its user’s information in order to take data-driven decisions to find opportunities and solve challenges in the best way possible. Spotify challenged us to find an underperforming segment within an anonymous, limited data set. Once identified, we had to understand the drivers behind their behavior and develop a strategy to engage with them.

The journey

Through the use of Goggle’s Big Query and Tableau, we analyzed, cross-referenced and visualized the data to find patterns and establish a criteria to find our group of users. Afterwards, we researched their habits to understand them better and fulfill their need; simultaneously, we looked at what the competitors are offering to grasp what is already being done, and create a unique proposition.

The result

By taking Spotify’s values and assets into consideration, together with its credibility, we mapped out a strategy which included the development of new of features in the product; unique experiences and benefits, aiming to lower the threshold for non-paying users; and an introduction of new pricing tiers to reduce the friction at the point of entry and upgrade. This approach had a business perspective into consideration: growing Spotify’s user base, increasing revenue with current streams, and generating potential revenue streams and models.